Shawarma – Reg. $5.99          Larg. $6.99


Chopped Beef or Chicken stuffed in Pita Bread with Vegetables, Pickles and Tahini or Garlic Sauce

Falafel – Reg. $4.49            Larg. $5.49


Chickpea Patties stuffed in Pita Bread with Vegetables, Pickled Cucumber and Tahini Sauce

Gyro – Reg. $5.99                 Larg. $6.99

Meat with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce in Pita Bread with Tomatoes and Lettuce

Shish Kabab- Reg. $6.49               Larg. $7.49

shishkabab sand

Grilled Tender Beef in Pita Bread with Vegetables and Tahini Sauce

Shish Tawook- Reg. $6.49            Larg. $7.49

tawook sandw

Grilled chicken Breast in Pita Bread, Vegetables and Garlic Sauce

Hamburger- $4.99


Grilled Beef or Chicken Pattie served with Cabbage or Lettuce Salad

* Extra Meat or Chicken for:  Reg. $1.99     Large $2.49                                 

 * Extra Skewer Only  $ 3.99